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Aristel DV Gold Series Telephone Systems

The all-new Aristel Digital DV Gold Series leads the way in combining today's most wanted features with the ultimate in ease of operation. The result is a stylish multi-functional communications system that will give your business a decisive competitive advantage.

Inbuilt options include a GSM card to enable wireless connection to the telephone network, voice mail with 100 mailboxes, VoIP card for computer telephony and least cost call routing. These are just some of the features that make the Aristel DV Gold Series the intelligent choice for business.

The flexibility of a fully expandable design allows the DV Gold Series system to grow with your business. Handsets are available with various feature levels to suit your budget and requirements.

Integrate your business mobile fleet

Your Aristel DV Series phone system can also be configured to utilise your business mobile fleet as extensions, allowing the ultimate in mobility. Click Here to find out more.

Aristel DV Gold Series phone Handsets